Around the World with Fanny Hill (1974)

Acclaimed Swedish director Mac Ahlberg (“I, A Woman”, “Justine and Juliette”) turns his thoughts to the lighter side of sex in this joyful romp with a modern day Fanny Hill finding her pleasure any place she can.

The story focuses on a bored Swedish wife, the ‘Fanny Hill ‘of the title. Fanny’s hubby Roger is a director of tv commercials whose speciality seems to be bedroom adventures. Not content to stay at home and sulk, Fanny takes off on a world tour to sample the erotic delights it has to offer. Along with best friend Monica, Fanny hops to Hollywood, Venice, Stockholm, Munich and Hong Kong in search of bigger and better thrills, She discovers the pleasures of multiple partners, takes part in an orgy and even gets involved with a lover who thinks she’s a man! But after all her travels she discovers that just maybe she’s left her heart at home.

Christina Lindberg’s role is minor, but she gets nude nonetheless.