Discesa all’inferno (1991)

Director: Mario Salieri
Studio: Sascha Alexander Productions

Starring: Feline Fabre, Jeanna Fine, Jennifer Toth, Luana Borgia, Marina Licastro, Misty McCaine, Serena Lipari, Sunny McKay, Zara Whites, Carmelo Petix, Rally van Kamp, Richard Langin, Roberto Malone, Sean Michaels, Yves Baillat.

Description: Before us is a very beautiful young couple. At night, they find themselves in front of a mysterious door in an ancient wall. The guy opens it and finds himself in a hall lit by many candles. Isn’t it romantic? But the film is not for nothing called “descent into Hell” – the road is paved with romantic impulses … A young couple is met by an imposing gray-haired gentleman who, at first glance, you want to unconditionally trust, but it’s clear where he came from. Young people are immersed in the world of forbidden erotic entertainment, more and more drawn into the abyss of debauchery leading to Hell. The most unbridled sex, the most unbridled orgy, the most perverted ways of love pleasures! And if a girl does not obey one of the partners imposed on her, then it is no wonder that they take her by force. For nothing seduces the impure like innocence.

Alternative Title:
Sarah and Friends 12
L’Enfer Italien
Italian Inferno
Satanic Inferno
Die Therapi