On se calme et on boit frais à Saint-Tropez (1987)

Director: Max Pecas
Studio: Imp.Ex.Ci., Les Films Jacques Leitienne, Les Films du Griffon

Starring: Luq Hamet, Eric Reynaud-Fourton, Leila Frechet, Noelle Noblecourt, Brigitte Lahaie, Patrick Guillemin, Philippe Baronnet, Daniel Derval, Sylvain Chamarande, Claude Bruna, Veronique Catanzaro, Krystyna Ferentz, Marcel Philippot, Catherine Rouzeau, Corinne Catherine, Frederic Deban
Description: A teenager lies to her parents and goes to the South of France instead of studying for the summer. Meeting with her not-so faithful boyfriend and his DJ friend, she discovers her father is also there – with another woman.