La mujer del juez (1984)

Director: Francisco Lara Polop
Studio: Francisco Lara Polop P.C Izaro Films

Starring: Norma Duval, Hector Alterio, Manuel Tejada, Beatriz Elorrieta
Description: A Judge gets a promotion and is placed in a new city he moves along with his lovely younger wife, of course the man has lots of work and starts to forget his sexual frustaded wife, that soon gets bored of the place, from her boring life, and from the usual missionary position she gets from the husband time to time, so soon enought she finds a sixteen years old young lover (those were the days mates), yes all wine and roses fro her at the beguinning.
But soon things get complicated wihen her asshole neighbour finds out about the affair, well I don’t need to tell much from here on, but Norma Duval gets to appear naked a lot due to some sexual blackmail by the bad guy, will she overcome the all thing and save her marriage?.