Filhos e Amantes (1982)

Sílvia, a high school literature teacher and daughter of a military serviceman, writes her memories of an extended holiday at her friends Bebel and Marta’s. In the past, Marta loved Dinho, the son of a drug addict politician. They separated due to the miscarriage of a child he wanted. Bebel, supporting her, invited her to live together, away from the problems of São Paulo. During the holiday, Sílvia, who is pregnant, arrives with her boyfriend Roberto, an engineering student, but she can’t decide if she wants to keep the child. Coincidentally, Dinho and Carminha, a very disturbed girl, arrive. Marta gets involved with Roberto and Sílvia with Dinho. Bebel distances herself from the group because she makes handicrafts, and holidays are a good time for sales in the nearby town. After Carminha’s suicide attempt, Sílvia filled with remorse and showing signs of miscarriage goes away. The accidental encounter with Claudius, a writer who was exiled during the dictatorship and now longing to live despite his cancer, and with his partner Ruth, gives the group a taste for life. Dinho resumes his relationship with Marta moving to the mountains, where Sílvia also expects her son to be born. Roberto, despite continuing in São Paulo, visits Sílvia on weekends.