Les chevaliers de la croupe (1975)

Alternate Titles
Les Chevaliers de l’amour softer version on video, 61 mins.
De la croupe aux lèvres
Viziose e perverse Italy

Claudine Beccarie plays the manager of a sex shop and she tries out a dildo, getting pleasure but afterwords refusing to buy it. (In the soft version one does not see the dildo enter her vagina). She also has a soft lesbian scene. Béatrice Harnois, Ellen Earl and Pamela Stanford appear together with a man (Benoit Archenoul) in some slapstick-like near-hardcore scenes, including also some mild whipping. An unknown starlet also has a poor brief blowjob scene. All these actresses also appear in the soft version.

The story is about a family who wants to make a porn movie that will be better than the rest, but they happen to be very amateurish so they screw it up.