Waidmannsheil im Spitzenhöschen (1982)

More German sex comedy goodness. In German with no subs.

Directed by
Jürgen Enz

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Christa Abel … Anna
Günther Amann … Hubert
Eva Astor … Ramona Kronberger (as Evi Rosta)
Sandra Atia … Evi
Dorle Buchner … Renate
Franz A. Huber … Richard
Eleonore Melzer … Lizzy
Christine Neona … Inge
Mario Pollak … Renates Freund
Sabine Rohrmann … Hanna
Dietz Werner Steck … Graf Reginald

Plot summary
A count is experiencing financial problems. He rents his hunting place to tourists to earn some extra cash. Curiously enough, all guests seem not to be interested in hunting, but in sex…

From IMDB:

Even though it is not in the title, this film could only be part of the endless stream of “Liebesgrusse aus der Lederhose”-films. German softcore, daring in the theaters in the 70’s and daring on television in the 80’s, but now hopelessly outdated. This one is extremely outdated, for porn was slowly taking over and there is no porn in this one, just the usual flashing of titties. That leaves the humor, but that’s something this film lacks altogether. It really is more exciting and funny to watch concrete rot.