Both Ways (1975)

Director: Jerry Douglas
Studio: Double Scorpio Productions, Vinegar Syndrome

Starring: Gerald Grant, Andrea True, Dean Tait, Katherine Miles, Jake Everett, Bill Morgan, Darby Lloyd Rains, Neil Scott, Jan Meryl, Vicki Brandon
—Donald Wyman (Gerald Grant) would seem to have the American dream: a beautiful wife (Andrea True), a loving son, a great job, and a house in the suburbs. He also has a secret. Donald has taken a male lover who now threatens to destroy not only his marriage, but also his entire life…

Filled with tense plot twists from beginning to end, Jerry Douglas’ (Score) BOTH WAYS is a tightly written and expertly acted hardcore drama delving into one of the most taboo topics in sex, male bisexuality. Co-starring Dean Tait and Darby Lloyd Raines, Vinegar Syndrome presents this forgotten landmark in X rated cinema newly restored and totally uncut for the very first time anywhere in the world!
—A married father tries to find balance between his family life and the relationship with his male lover. Vinegar Syndrome has nicely restored this oddball early Jerry Douglas effort restoring the missing opening scenes and the final epilogue which had been missing from previous video releases. This new footage nicely ties the story together and gives the film a more satisfactory conclusion.