Teenage Innocence (1973)

Wealthy record company executive Rick Engels picks up beautiful young hitchhikers Carol and Judy and takes them back to his swanky mansion for illicit carnal purposes. However, what initially seems like an ideal situation for Rick eventually goes awry when the two lovely lasses prove to be a lot more than he can easily handle and even refuse to leave his house.

After one heck of a kitschy little opening ditty, we are introduced to Rick, a seemingly normal middle aged chap played by John Alderman (Pink Angels) having a nice little drive. Being a good samaritan, he sees two young female hitch-hikers called Carol and Judy played by Sandy Dempsey (A Clockwork Blue) and Terri Johnson (Flesh Gordon). After showing the ladies around his fancy pad (Rick is a fancy musical arranger) and offering them a drink, they stay the night. Luckily for him, whilst Carol crashes out on the couch, Judy makes a move. The pair get down to some good old fashioned soft-core until the pain of virginity strikes and puts an abrupt stop to the slap and tickle. As Judy soaks in the bath and ponders, Carol wakes up and seduces Rick. After some fooling around on the couch, Rick’s wildest dreams come true when the girls eventually coax him (oh the shame!) in to a threesome. The action even continues the next day! Poor Rick is sure getting tired (woe is me!), but new playmates just won’t let up! Rick and his member eventually get a rest as the trio have a frolic in the city in the form of montage. Things turn sour when the girls refuse to leave Rick alone and hold him as a sort of sexual hostage. Things come to a head when the intentions of the young pair are revealed. What sick games are the girls playing? How can a middle aged man’s sexual paradise turn to Hell!? Don’t be downright bitchy and find out for yourself.

AKA Little Miss Innocence