Tharzan 2 – Il ritorno del figlio della giungla (1995)

Alternate Titles
A Historia sexual de Tarzan 2

This is a composite cut (bearing the title “Rocco il selvaggio” – “Rocco the wild one”) of parts one and two of D’Amato’s XXX famed epic take on the classic adventure. Since part 2 (Tharzan 2 – Il ritorno) is mostly a recut of footage from part 1, this composite cut decided to remove some of the repetition and (mercifully?) comes up with a runtime shorter than both features taken together (98 + 72 min.).
Unfortunately, this edition of “Rocco il selvaggio” suffers from bad framing (cutting in on the sides of the 4:3 picture and squishing the aspect ratio), and while it uses the Italian original dub for the dialogues, I am not so sure the music is the original one; it rather seems replaced by a more contemporary soundtrack. Picture quality could also be much better, the master seems to have been a VHS copy.