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Carnal Fantasies (1984)

Director: Bill Amerson (as James Lee)
Studio: VCX, Triton

Starring: Jennifer West, Carrie Evans, Kevin James, Lauri Noel, Liz Lee Jung, Ray Wells, Richard Reynolds, Sam Marsh, Tyler Reynolds
Description: See beautiful Jennifer West delve into her innermost… Carnal Fantasies! Witness what women truly fascinate over, what drives them wild in their forbidden dreams…and forbidden affairs! When the summer heat ignites the imagination, the sexual possibilities are endless! A nasty little film Indeed!

  • Scene 1. Liz Lee Jung, Kevin James
  • Scene 2. Liz Lee Jung, guy
  • Scene 3. Liz Lee Jung, Ray Wells
  • Scene 4. Carrie Evans, Richard Reynolds
  • Scene 5. Jennifer West, Sam Marsh
  • Scene 6. Lauri Noel, Tyler Reynolds