Pensione paura (1978)

Director: Francesco Barilli
Studio: Aleph Cinematografica, Alexandra Films S.A., Mondo Macabro

Starring: Luc Merenda, Leonora Fani, Francisco Rabal, Jole Fierro, Jose Maria Prada, Lidia Biondi, Maximo Valverde, Francesco Impeciati, Luigi De Santis, Carlo Totti, Maria D’Alessandro, Arnaldo Caivano, Diala Caruso, Wolfango Soldati

Description: During World War II, teenage Rosa and her mother run a hotel in the Italian countryside, mourning over the death of her dead father. When the mother dies under mysterious circumstances, Rosa finds herself at mercy of her sex-crazed guests, but not before a hooded assailant, lurking in the shadows of the hotel, starts killing off each and everyone that tries to harm Rosa. Could it be her dead father back from the dead to avenge his daughter?

Alternative Title:
Hotel Fear