Sesso acerbo (1981)

Bernabei and D’Amato team up to film one strange little no-budget movie on the very verge of hardcore. Cuts indicate there might be an XXX version out there somewhere.

Story is about a married couple who can’t have children, though they still have fun in bed. It’s a bit boring at home, though.
So the wife (Pauline Teutscher) takes on a job as an au-pair for a 16 year old boy.
As it turns out, it was all a setup, and her husband meets the boy’s mother in the meantime.
However, the boy decides to seduce his au-pair, which culminates in a strange scene where he invites his ‘friends’ (a male gay couple) to watch them having sex.

This is certainly a weird flick from the first days of Italian XXX production, when filmmakers used to experiment in order to find out what the audience might go for.
Bernabei’s story wants to be taken seriously as a drama and is filmed accordingly with pretty good performances from the actors…
If it was’nt for the numerous explicit and exploitational sex scenes, you could watch it with your mother.

And did I mention the sickening twist ending, where Pauline finds out she’s gonna have a baby after all…from the boy? Jesus…