Teenage Sex Kitten (1975)

Rene Bond! Bad acting and worse dialogue!  And there’s fucking, too!  Though it’s inserted.  Which begs me to ask the question:  Why the HELL does any movie starring Rene Bond need sex inserted?  I mean, was it really that much of a stretch to ask a part-time porn actress to slob on knob while being filmed?  Sigh……

This movie is pretty good, and by good, I mean pretty awful.   As I’ve seen it described elsewhere:

“An xxx classic with Rene Bond as a sex lovin free spirit who gets violated by two backwoods cretins. This film works both as a boner inducing sex film as well as intriguing drama. These films are so good on so many different levels that you can only ask “what happened”.

My note, in the end Rene gets killed during a (tame) rape scene and her friends take revange out on the killers.”

The whole “XXX Classic” tag is dubious at best, because during my Gulliver-like travels through the information superdriveway,  I haven’t seen much about this one, other than that this is only one of two movies in which Rene Bond’s character gets snuffed, the other being Please Don’t Eat My Mother!

But it’s got some awful, cheesy dialogue, some roughie elements, and plenty of badly inserted sex scenes.  The main draw of this, is of course, Rene Bond, who happens to be sporting a blonde dye job in this flick.