Les Chic (1972)

Director: Nick Millard AKA Nick Philips
With: Rene Bond & Ric Lutz

Millard was more interested in girl-on-girl and fetish stuff and only added hardcore in his later films because of market demand. The best part of Millard’s films is a lack of dialogue and the unintentonally hilarious narration. This became his trademark of sorts and certainly cut down on production costs. The jazzy soundtrack only adds to the fun. The above par photography is also another highpoint of his productions. This was unusual for many sexploitation features of this era. His stuff is always a hoot to watch and almost always a little weird. I present this as a new addition to a long list of CG available material. I think he is an under-rated & not well known sexploitation icon of the period and deserves more recognition for his unique style and presentation.

Burdened with the usual asinine narration that is his trademark, LES CHIC represents a typical porn film from fetishist Nick Millard, notable for his treatment of the frequently paired team of Rene Bond and Ric Lutze. It’s strictly for folks on Nick’s wavelength.
Preening in clearly effeminate jumpsuits and wearing his usual dog collar, Lutze plays the title character, wandering the streets of S.F., and servicing both g.f. Rene and a couple of lesbians, ably played by Linda York and Sandy Carey. The troilism scenes featuring Carey, York and Lutze are featured again in Nick’s abysmal compilation film SEX(O) WEIRDO, issued anonymously and without fanfare by Something Weird (currently available on DVD-R). The sex is hardcore at times and the patent leather boots and flashy femme outfits Nick prefers are on display. A body painting scene of Rene goes nowhere.
Filming is the usual Nick MOS, plus some poorly dubbed and exaggerated moaning and groaning effects. Nick’s photography remains his strongest suit, giving porn fans a good, sharp look at their objects of desire. It’s an okay package if pointlessness, overdubbed with pompous “significance” in the narration, is your thing.