Correccional de mujeres (1986)

Director: Emilio Vieyra
Studio: G.A.G. Productions, Super Films

Starring: Julio De Grazia, Edda Bustamante, Tony Vilas, Erika Wallner, Ruben Stella, Marcela Ruiz, Monica Villa, Rodolfo Machado, Vicky Olivares, Carlos Mena, Silvia Peyrou, Adrian Martel, Thelma Stefani, Mercedes Alonso, Ana Maria Caso

Description: Laura Regueira is wrongly accused of the murder of her boyfriend, he was killed by a band of thugs the night they were sharing a romantic moment. In the woman’s reformatory Laura, besides of having to endure the life of prisoner, will have the chance of prove her innocence, with the help of a police officer who believes she’s innocent Laura has the chance of uncover a band involved in drug traffic. These delinquents also use the women captive in the penitentiary as prostitutes.

Alternative Title:
Women’s Reformatory