El fascista, la beata y su hija desvirgada (1978)

The fascist, the God fearing woman, and his non virgin daughter is a very good Destape film, with a very poliitcal and social message at the same time, José Luis Lopéz was indeed a great actor both in dramatic and comic roles, like I said not the typical destape film got a decent plot, to be honest the destape scenes seem a bit odd of beeing so strong this taking in account the plot and film context, but that’s what you get when you have an actress like Linda Lay doing her thing, she’s hot very hot, she plays Juan mistress btw.

Juan is one of those rich Spanish fellows that lost money and status with the new democratic times in Spain, he goes to Venezuela where he seeks the help in bussiness of a relative, in the meanwhile got this hot mistress, a wive that spends most of her day in church praying for the sins of others cause she have none, and a daughter that stars to find out what la vida loca means.

Director: Joaquín Coll Espona
Writers: Joaquín Coll Espona (screenplay), Gustavo Hernández (screenplay)

José Luis López Vázquez … Juan Gutiérrez de la Macorra (as J.L. Lopez Vazquez)
Amparo Soler Leal … Leonor (as A. Soler Leal)
Patricia Rivera … Gloria
Orlando Urdaneta … Jaime
María Luisa Ponte … Adriana (as Mª Luisa Ponte)
Linda Lay … Amante de Juan
Luis Calderon … Tío Jaime (as Luis Calderón)
Rafael Machado … Isidro Gómez de Ansúrez
Alberto Fernández … Esteban
Estanis González … Manolo
Isabel María Pérez … Virtudes (as Isabel Mª Perez)
Anabell Mendoza … Ana
Anastasio Campoy … García
Mery Leyva … Benigna (as Mary Leyva)

Actors: Linda Lay