Réseau particulier (1982)

Alternate Titles
Baise-moi vite, j’ai le feu au fesses 1987 re-release of soft version
Comme tu veux, où tu veux MPM video
Désir rectal Playsir Club video
James Love 007
Réseau particulier title of soft version and of CEC/Cameo 78 video of hard version
Réseau très particulier Videovista International
Taras e vícios secretos de James Love 007 Brazil

A spoof James Bond film with hardcore. James Love must thwart the plans of the mad professor who has invented a virus (delivered in strawberry jam) that makes penises go limp. Apart from James’s female assistants (one of whom is Sylvie, played by Cathy Stewart) and James’s groupies, the mad professor has two female lab assistants, one of whom is Marianne Aubert and the other Hare Krane, and a couple of female friends who attend the reception (which becomes an orgy) he holds to celebrate his scientific breakthrough.

Agent Kat-Lin (Isabelle Brell) is the Colonel’s agent inside the Professor’s organisation. She overhears the Profesor and his lab assistants talk of their successful development of the virus. She is overheard telephoning the information to the Colonel by Alban Ceray who blackmails her into having sex with him, which she does, but she poisons him afterwards.

Meanwhile the colonel has phoned James Love, interrupting a threesome by an indoor pool with a blonde (Diane Suresne) and a brunette (Tilda). Cathy Stewart is the Miss Moneypenny figure and James flirts with her as usual on his way in to see the Colonel.

Agent Kat-Lin gets an invitation for James and Sylvie to attend a celebration party thrown by the Professor. Jacky Arnal and the black lab assistant are among the guests, as are XNK0459 and Patricia Santos, but Marianne Aubert is not present.

Kat-Lin shows James where the virus is kept so that they can return later to blow the safe. They then go back to the party which has become an orgy. Sylvie seduces the professor in an attempt to distract him, but he hears the explosion. James and Kat-Lin are captured and subjected to torture by blow job and dildo by the lab assistants, but Sylvie has escaped and gone to fetch help.

She returns with two other female agents, a blonde, Brigitte (XNK0461), and a brunette (XNK0462). Agent Brigitte distracts the guards (one is Jacky Arnal) by getting them to take her to an outhouse and fuck her. Then the other two break in and disarm them. They then rescue James and Kat-Lin.

Finally, in typical Bond style, James is seen cavorting with a former enemy (the black lab assistant) and a brunette (XNK0462).

But the Colonel has been infected with the virus and in spite of the (implied) efforts of a blonde secretary called Tata Marie (Laura Clair), he cannot get it up.

As spoof comedy porn films go, even soft ones, this is a good one. No worse than some of the dire soft core efforts of 70s Britain.