Love Slaves (1976)

Evil scientist Dr. Paul Severin (well played to the sinister hilt by Alain Patrick) runs a crime ring in which women are kidnapped so they can be drugged and hypnotized into becoming both lethal assassins and obedient sex slaves. It’s up to determined detective Steve Blake (a fine and likeable performance by the always reliable John Leslie) to take Severin’s operation down.

Director Bob Chinn relates the enjoyable and engrossing story at a constant pace, makes nice use of various San Francisco locations, and delivers several explicit and arousing sex scenes complete with hot amplified breathing and moaning. Michael Klinger’s compact script offers a pleasing mix of moody noir and seedy hardcore elements. David Stern’s polished cinematography gives this picture a satisfying bright look and even boasts a few striking shots of people reflected in Severin’s silver mirror sunglasses. Moreover, Leslie registers as a sturdy and effective hero, Tanya Shea contributes a sweet and appealing portrayal as Blake’s loyal sister Karen, and Turk Lyon and Ken Scudder are appropriately slimy as a pair of sadistic flunkies. The bevy of luscious ladies provides plenty of extra sizzle: Black beauty Desiree West, yummy blonde Enjil von Bergdorfe, attractive Vicky Lyon, foxy Laura Bourbon, slender Veronica Taylor, and fetching Sharon Thorpe. Chinn pops up in a small role as a helpful doctor. Recommended viewing for fans of quality 70’s Golden Age adult cinema fare.

  • Scene 1. Veronica Taylor, John Leslie
  • Scene 2. Laura Bourbon
  • Scene 3. Laura Bourbon, Ken Scudder
  • Scene 4. Tanya Shea
  • Scene 5. Enjil Von Bergdorfe, Tanya Shea
  • Scene 6. Enjil Von Bergdorfe, Turk Lyon
  • Scene 7. Desiree West, Ken Scudder, Turk Lyon
  • Scene 8. Tanya Shea, Ken Scudder, Turk Lyon
  • Scene 9. Sharon Thorpe
  • Scene 10. Astrid Gordon, Janis Lake