Le contrat des anges (1998)

Far better than Marc Dorcel’s recent years’ output, “Le contrat des anges”, a feature in two parts made back in 1998, is glamorous Euro porn at its finest. I really enjoyed the classy production with all the extras -beautiful women dressed to the nines, fabulous settings and hot Euro sex scenes.

The plot line is lifted from the classic noir structure of Hitchcock’s “Strangers on a Train”, with interesting twists added (in Part 2). Dorcel’s all-time greatest leading lady (and that spans 35 years in business) Laure Sainclair top-lines but the central character is played by an apparent 1-shot Anne Sophie as “Sophie”.

She’s a beauty, not much of an actress but quite a clothes horse, who reminds me a bit of American star Carmen Luvana. Carmen would have been a tad (17) underage but would have been perfect in Sophie’s role of a housewife mistreated by her hubby Claude (Bruno SX, his name spelled more appropriately Aissix in the credits). She find solace with Laure’s character Eugenie, a wealthy noble lady who invites her to stay in her mansion and leave Bruno. Classy setting includes the lady’s chauffeured automobile, which looks like a modern Daimler, as Sophie gets a ride from her new benefactor after her own car breaks down.

Sophie’s new life is idyllic, going riding (in full regalia) with Laure and living it up. Snag is when Laure suggests, almost idly, that they trade murders – she’ll knock off Bruno if she kill’s Laure’s nemesis, a decadent sister of hers living right next door. Sophie is taken aback at such a suggestion and says no, but this being porn the two ladies are tribbing and humping 69-style in blonde on blonde fashion before you know it.

Along the way she meets Senor Halmeyda (ubiquitous Euro star Philippe Dean), who we see making love to a beautiful brunette (Kate More).

Part One ends with a cliffhanger, as Sophie wanders next door to see what the fuss with sis is all about, and we get a freeze frame at her shock (we don’t get to see what’s going on until Part Two).

The two parts should be seen together -see my review of part 2. It’s elegant and arousing and even mostly bareback sex (condoms are optional here) prior to Dorcel’s safe-sex craze of recent years.

Alternate Titles
Angel’s Contract 1 USA, Wicked Pictures
Die perversen Geheimnisse der Gesellschaft
Die Sundige Marquise Germany

Anne Sophia
Kate More as Kate Moore
Laure Sainclair
Maeva Exel as Maeva Excel
Maud Kennedy
Vivienne Morillo as Vivienne