Apprenties vicieuses (1985)

Karoline Houtart is a dresser working for Gabriel. Gabriel seduces his model, Chantal Trobert (scene 1). His wife is suspicious about her husband having an affair because she finds a slip.

Alban Ceray telephones Gabriel and invites him and his wife for a visit, in the mean time he’s getting oral sex from Maggy Follett (scene 2).

Gabriel joins Alban and his visitor in a threesome (scene 3).

Gabriel’s wife and the dresser (Karoline Houtart) have a short lesbian adventure (scene 4).

Jacky Arnal enters the room and joins the lesbian couple (scene 5).

Gabriel’s wife is angry at Chantal Trobert and there is a little fight between them that ends in a threesome with Jacky Arnal (scene 6).

Alban Ceray asks Gabriel’s help when he finds an audiotape with proof that his wife is cheating on him.

There is a final scene with a fake gun that ends in an orgy where all the actors join together. In the meantime Jacky Arnal is filming (scene 7).

There is something missing in the story but there was a bad piece in the tape for several minutes.

T.C. (14/2/05)

Thanks to Skin Flick for identifying the original title and for information on the director,