Saturday Night Special (1976)

A gang of deadbeat crooks fuck up a diamond heist, shooting the guards and taking hostages. Instead of making a run for it, they head back to their hideout for a perverted fuck party. Saturday Night Special is an unforgettable crime caper filled with sexy women and some very shocking moments. With it’s contorted close-ups and twisted morals, Saturday Night Special could easily
be a Roberta Findlay production but is credited to a mysterious “Sam Bloch”. The film is a must see for fans of potent 70’s cinema and porn fans who are not easy to offend. Includes bonus trailer and a trio of porn loops from this era.

Quote:Reportedly Saturday Night Special’s original incarnation was when it was shot by Roberta Findlay in 1972 as a softcore film directed by Bob Mason with the title The Love Lords. Reportedly a trailer for The Love Lords exists but there seems to be no information as to whether the film was actually released. Hardcore inserts were added to The Love Lords and the film was released in 1976 under the name Saturday Night Special. Other than the name, no credits were put on the film. Promotional posters for the film listed the director as Sam Bloch and the writer as Joel Seigal.
For a film like this it is often hard to tell if the shortcomings of the film derive from the original film, or the later re-edit done by someone else. In this case though it seems obvious that the shortcomings derive from both. While it seems likely that some footage from the original film is missing from this edit, the issues with the film go back to the original production.
The original film seemed to have a problem with its continuity. Some portions, which seem choppily edited, the continuity issues may result from footage that was dropped from the original version. But even with what is left and issue is obvious. Sequential shots don’t match each other. Someone will be running down a deserted back street one moment and be on a busy one the next. While such a neighborhood might exist somewhere, it seems unlikely and screams of an amateurish production.
In this version, portions of the story appear to be missing. Whether this is due to those portions hitting the cutting room floor when creating the 1976 release, or whether they were never made to begin with is not entirely evident. Although flashbacks at the end do indicate that a portion of the story got hacked out of this version. Either way, in this incarnation the plot is not well developed.
The lack of continuity is only one sign of the ineptitude of the original production. In one scene, a wig is being worn by a cast member. During a rape scene, the wig falls off. Instead of this footage being filmed again, for some reason it was kept and used in the final production. Her wig is being worn again later in the film. The blood effects are done poorly as well, with no attempt for realism or to figure a way to hide the obvious low budget of the production.
From what appears to be a carry over from the original film, lots of footage of driving and passing trees — even when not appropriate for the surroundings — is used to seemingly pad the run time of the film. The film does seem to utilize some decent sets though. Portions of the film are very poorly dubbed. Some of this seems to be a result of the 1976 re-edit but some may have existed from the original film.
The sex scenes are a mess. Most of them either appear to have had most of the original softcore footage excised when the hardcore inserts were added, or they were short to begin with. An exception to this is the opening scene and the rape scene. The rape scene goes on for way to long and is actually rather haunting. Maybe one of the few things that this film managed to do right, unfortunately. The hardcore inserts, filmed well after the original production was made, most likely use different actors and actresses. The inserts are gynecological close-ups only, most likely to hide the fact the cast is different, and don’t even fit with where they are placed. No attempt was made to actually try to make them fit in. Several of the inserts look like they utilize the same cast members even though they are supposed to be different characters in the film. I am not sure if the hardcore inserts used were lifted from another production or shot specifically for this re-edit.
The story is Norman J. Big sets up a heist and sends a gang of criminals to get over a million dollars worth of diamonds. The heist goes horribly wrong and the criminals kidnap the granddaughter of the owner, along with some employees, to ransom. Honestly, this description makes the film sound far better than it really is. As to who might like it? I am not sure. The hardcore sequences are short and not erotic. The rape scene is hard to watch. The story has been butchered to pieces.