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Blutjunge Masseusen (1972)

This movie reports about the experiences in the massage parlours of Rome, Bangkok, Paris, Copenhagen, Vienna, Zurich, Stockholm, Berlin, Nice and Munich.

IMDb user comments review:
In the early 1970s Erwin C. Dietrich’s sex-film factory went into overdrive. There was no room any more for plots, the films’ episodic structure often betrayed a similarly episodic production history that would allow a flexible assembly of the shot material. Blutjunge Masseusen had at least a common theme – brothels masquerading as massage parlours, embedded in a narration in which a travel agent was openly soliciting these ventures.

This set-up does not promise too much originality, and when the writing did come up with something fresh and unexpected (like the roller-skate episode) then the competent but bog-standard cinematography seemed unable to turn this into something special.

People with an affinity to the genre may want to try one of Dietrich’s episodic films of the period, and this would be as good or bad as most. Very much a case of “if you’ve seen one you’ve seen all”.