Der lüsterne Türke (1971)

This is really pretty dire throughout, from the non erotic opening belly dance given by a lady with barely no breast and certainly no belly, to the unfunny soppy ending. However, amidst the masses of over acting (and often overweight) men and varied assortment of non acting half dressed ladies, there is, Ms Steeger. I may be blinded but it seems to me she acts the pants off everyone here with barely a word said. It is a most dignified performance, mainly nude, surrounded by such buffoonery and it is an added bonus for some of us the lovely lady is bound in one way or another for half the film. She wriggles delightfully and with, of course her mind always on the plot, she convinces and excites all at the same time. Were it not for her aloof and sexy performance I would probably be giving this ridiculous outing no score at all.