Orgia stin Kerkyra (1983)

Alternate Titles
Didimo …idonis Greece, alternative title of the DVD release by New Star. English translation: Duo of Lust
Gatitas dan placer Argentina, theatrical title
L’Isola dei folli piaceri Italy
The Pussycat Syndrome
Oryia stin Kerkira alternative transliteration of the above Greek title Töchter der Venus Germany
Triferes …Gatoules Greece, alternative title. English translation: Tender …Pussycats

loria (Tina Eklund) and Donna (Ajita Wilson) arrive in Greece for a photo shoot and end up going for a vacation on a small island. They meet two men and have sex with them on the beach. A travel agent invites them to the yacht of a rich publisher (Herbie Hoffer). As it turns out, he is a voyeur and watches the girls’ sexual activities from a monitor. He introduces himself and takes the girls to a villa where they have sex with his wife. Soon after, Gloria meets a writer called Eric and decides to stay in Greece.

Some remarks –

Another problematic case of a West German/Greek co-production. The doubts concern:

Firstly, its title: The film was better known either by its international English title (The Pussycat Syndrome) or in its German one (Die Töchter der Venus). For some time, these titles were thought to be translations or, better, reflections of an original Greek one. This is why the Greek title Triferes …Gatoules was often invoked as being the original one. However, to my knowledge, this title has remained practically unknown in Greece (it is also not the one used in its VHS circulation in Greece), and was neither listed among those years’ productions nor mentioned at all in the relatively trustworthy documentation available concerning Greek Cinema (and Greek Porn in particular). The same applies to the title “Modela tis Idonis”, used by IMDB. This one is better known as the title of another Andromeda International Films hardcore production, released in 1984, and directed by Vagelis Fournistakis, who was, coincidentally (?), the co-writer of the first film’s script. Besides, had the title Triferes …Gatoules been already “established”, then the recent (around 2002) Greek DVD release by New Star (in its Greek Erotica Collection, a serious edition of good technical quality), would most certainly have used it, and not “invent” a new one, Didimo …Idonis. So, to sum up, it seems that the original title of this film, which was principally an international production, must have been The Pussycat Syndrome, the title Triferes …Gatoules corresponding rather to an approximate translation in Greek, used for its eventual theatrical release (as was the case in West Germany with Die Töchter der Venus).

Secondly, its year of release: Although IMDB states 1980, in the recent Greek DVD edition of the international (i.e. the original) version 1983 is given clearly in the opening credits as year of release. The film was most probably shot in 1982, though, being one of the latest, essentially softcore, productions to have marked the fall of the “Golden” Era of Greek Erotica (the 1970s).

Last but not least its specific features: The film is for the most part softcore (although very explicit, with full frontal nudity – even for the males – and some heavy foreplay involved), with the sole exception of Ajita Wilson’s scene with one of the guys met at the beach (the blonde, taller and thinner one: Tony Woolf?). In this scene, surprisingly included in the above-mentioned DVD release, Ajita gives the guy a blowjob, shown in close-up and in detail (although no cum shot here). Some clear fucking follows, but no penetration close-ups are given here, as is the case with all the other numerous scenes of fucking featured in this film, involving all the protagonists. Still, if the existence of a harder version can’t be excluded, the general impression is one of a softcore film, the centre of interest of which is for once not Wilson, but the sexy busty Swedish girl Tina Eklund and the exotic Jacqueline Marcant. The whole movie has clearly the air of an international production, reminiscent of the many softcore films distributed in Germany at the time (a mix of tourist folklore comedy with erotica), suitable for a TV projection late at night.