Orgia stin Kerkyra (1983)

  • Donna and Maria are two fashion models enjoying sun, fun, each other, and anything on two legs that will hold still long enough them to hump it while on vacation in Greece. They hook up with a playboy voyeur named Mr. Nico and his kinky artist wife among another things. Ørnås
  • Gloria and Donna arrive in a Greece for a photo shoot and end up going for vacation at a small island. They meet two guys and have sex with them at a beach. A travel agent invites them at a rich publisher’s yacht. As it appears, the rich guy is a voyeur and watches the girls’ sexual activities from a monitor. He introduces himself and takes the girls to a villa where they have sex with his wife, resulting in a re-animation of the couple’s sex life. Shortly afterwards, Gloria meets Eric, a writer, and decides to stay in Greece permanently.
Date: March 7, 2020