Intercambio de parejas frente al mar (1978)

I bring you Erogarga folks another piece of Spanish cinema (I’m Portuguese but I can’t help liking these films, cause we really never had those here), anyway this piece of artistic transition film was directed by Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo, a real product of that period, when filming in any conditions was the most important thing to do, he directed a couple of films more, one with Fernando Rey, worked in television also as musical producer, but now he’s more famous for creatring a legal systema that broke casinos all over the world, he won more than 250 million dollars or pesetas in Casinos all over the world. His system created by him and his son worked so fine that he was forbidden to enter in casinos from Vegas to Sweden, they won in court the right to enter the Spanish casinos, cause he didn’t cheat his matemathical system was legal, but now he bets in poker and games in the internet quite a character this fellow.

But talking about the film, not much story here some couples travel to the south of Spain, in the lovely Cadiz region, and start to swing, that’s about it. Well for every piece of skin you see you have a lot of cheap philosophy about relationships sex politics and sex, you get the picture when they are not swingin they are talking, imagine a Rohmer flm but with lots of sleazy parts.
The photogtraphy work is great with natural light only and lovely landscapes, the dialogues may sound boring now, but its a typical transition film more on the intelectual side. It feels like a road redemption movie at times, and the sex scenes are hot ones, I have my doubts if they were simulated
The actors were amamteur ones