La femme-objet (1981)

Director: Claude Mulot as Frédéric Lansac Notes: DVD Blue One (1 hr 38 mins.) with Le Sexe qui parle
Alternate Titles
Die Frau nach mass
Tabu French Girls for Pleasure Alpha France English title for download on US sites
Girl for Play
Pleasures Unlimited
Programmed for Pleasure 1984  USA, Caballero
Science Fiction Lady West Germany, Love

Richard Lemieuvre is a science fiction writer with an insatiable appetite for sex. His first girlfriend, Nicole Segaud, gets tired of this and leaves. He hires Lucille (Laura Clair) to type his stuff, but can’t leave her alone either. Eventually, with the help of a female designer (Nadine Roussial) who also succumbs to his lusts, he creates a robot/android who will give in to his every desire. This is Marilyn Jess. He gets her to fuck his friends so that he can watch, but she begins to behave independently and he therefore creates a second robot (XNK0289), but now the first robot finds out how to use the remote control and it is Lemieuvre who becomes their joint sex toy.