De uanstændige (Topsy Turvy) (1983)

Director: Edward Fleming

Starring: Lars Bom, Nonny Sand, Thomas Alling, Axel Strobye, Lene Brondum

The act is going on in the year of 1939. The 18 year old Thomas has other things to worry about than what is going on around the world. He’s from a bourgeois home, but when he meets the Thamms; the neighboring-family, his world is turned upside down. That is an excentric family who doesn’t take things so serious and he is introduced in all forms of sex.

What an odd and beautiful little gem of a movie to find!

An uptight young man and his equally uptight family moves next door to a hedonistic clan, including the beautiful, sexy Topsy, who charms the new neighbor boy Tom. But Tom discovers that the price of loving Topsy may be higher than he’s willing to pay — she insists on absolute honesty and a life and love without possession or exclusivity.

On one hand, it’s a bit on the tragic side as Tom struggles with this surreal permissiveness and his highly constrained upbringing and environment.

On the other hand, it offers a glimpse into a life that is simple, beautiful, warm and loving. Topsy’s family exists in their own environment and each one is a unique and special character. It’s a lovely place to go — if you’re willing to pay the simple price of letting go of all the training you’ve had until now.

Do try to catch it, even though it seems awfully rare.

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