Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose, 5. Teil: Die Bruchpiloten vom Königssee (1978)

When inspecting their inherited farm, Sepp and Willy find an old biplane. Their idea to start an aviation school encounters resistance with the mayor. They mistake the first arriving disciple for the expected instructor and go off on a flight which results in their crash landing. Shortly afterwards the flying instructor turns up with female music students, and wants to repair the biplane. Everyone is helping, much to the opposite’s chagrin, but our two hold the upper hand…..

Quote:The law of the ever diminishing sequels should make us fear the worst for the 5th entry of the ‘Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose’ saga, especially since the early films of the series were no cinematic masterpieces in the first place. Fortunately, the laws of mainstream cinema only partially apply to soft-porn sex comedies, and indeed this is arguably the best film of the series.
The reason is quite simply that this has a plot – and, judging by genre standards, it is amazingly well-constructed, because several plot-threats are smoothly interlinked and there are no noticeable loose ends. Of course, the central plot idea about establishing a flying school in Upper Bavaria has severe flaws, e.g. the disregard for safety regulations and the equally fatal disregard for a business plan. But this is nit-picking.
The cast handles its assigned tasks pretty well, although Michel Modo’s eye-rolling antics seem to be in the wrong film. The female cast has been picked mostly on the grounds how beautiful they look with their kit off, only Judith Fritsch (as usual, the romantic lead) has a role that permits any kind of acting beside the rumpy-pumpy.