Échange tabou (2002)

Director: Marcis de Carrabas
Studio: Shoot Again

Starring: Serena Monti, Angelina, Lisa Belle, Veronique Deweaver, Pauline de Meurville, Cerone, Philippe Visconti, Julien Lefrant, Fabien Franco.

Description: Pierre, a famous footballer, wants to properly celebrate the success of his wife Amélie, whose first novel is a bestseller. When she returns in the evening, Pierre has prepared dinner, bought roses and a camcorder to immortalize these moments. He also continues to film during their lovemaking, without the knowledge of Amélie who had asked him to stop the camera. The next day, Amélie brings a tape back to the video store but she makes a mistake and gives the store the tape on which her night of love with Pierre appears. When the latter realizes the situation, he rushes to the store but the cassette has already been rented…