Sodomies brûlantes (1987)

In 1987, French Adult Cinema superstar, Marilyn Jess, began the production of what would become her final film. Joining her was Michel Beaudricourt (Michel Caputo), who took the opportunity to document Marilyn, her fellow actors, and crew, creating an extraordinary mix of documentary and erotic fantasy.IL ETAIT UNE FOIS MARILYN JESS is at last presented in its original version, which has never before been seen on video.

Interesting mix of quasi-documentary and hardcore sex that reveals little about the star being interviewed and is a bit too narratively disjointed to fully work. Originally shot under the title “Sodomies Brûlantes”, it is supposedly Marilyn Jess’ last film and an opportunity for her to document thoughts and impressions from her career. Director Michel Caputo stages several interview slots with Marilyn in between the shooting of an actual period porno film. Other than snapshot sequences the sex film being shot never emerges and Marilyn comes across as very cagey about her real life. Born Dominique Troyes in 1959, she always sought distance between her Marilyn working persona and her real-world self. Perhaps an off-set interview with Dominique would have been more revealing and interesting? Despite that there are plenty of fun little sequences and Marilyn’s sense of self-deprecating fun shines through throughout. (and if you want to learn how to cleverly fake an anal sex scene then “Il Etait une Fois Marilyn Jess” reveals all).

Alternate Titles
Il était une fois : Marilyn Jess René Chateau Vidéo

Cathy Ménard archive footage
Chris Lerique archive footage
Dominique Saint Claire archive footage
Elisabeth Buré archive footage
Eva Kleber archive footage
Laura Clair archive footage
Marilyn Jess
Marina Borringer archive footage
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