Rivelazioni di uno psichiatra sul mondo perverso del sesso (1973)

Alternate Titles
Revelations of a Psychiatrist in a World of Perverse Sex

XXX mondo-style film in which a psychiatrist explains to his
students several stories of sexual deviants. Each vignette begins with the doctor citing a fact-based  newspaper/magazine story of abhorrent sexual behavior.

Cult horror director Renato Polselli filmed this extremely sleazy mondo-style documentary under the pseudonym “Ralph Brown.” Isarco Ravaioli portrays a supposedly well-known sex researcher who lectures the audience on the theories of Freud and Krafft-Ebing while introducing fairly graphic depictions of orgies, rape, homosexuality, prostitution, transvestism and necrophilia. Despite its laughable narration, this film is quite strong in tone, and is recommended for only the hardiest of viewers. — ALLMOVIE

Quote:Amazing stuff! Purports to be a documentary with a psychiatrist interpreting the bizarre newspaper stories of rape, orgy, bit more rape, S&M, more orgy (pretty good actually) and a someone pretending to iron his lady’s nightie with her still in it and someone pretending to be a dog- oh and a threesome where the two men get it off. Along the way we get to see more glorious minis, both skirts and dresses than I’ve ever seen in one film and hardcore sequences. Probably all the better without subtitles, I don’t expect the commentary was very profound – enjoy!