Voglia di donna (1978)

Terrible sex comedy redeemed by the presence of laura gemser, ilona staller aka cicciolina and rena niehaus of oedipus orca fame.

Alternate Titles
Chevauchées érotiques 1980

This film has three different parts artifially linked by the fact that they are seen as dreams by an ice-cream street vendor who lives in a boat storehouse.

  1. An engineer who is back from Africa films his tender moments with his young wife. By accident (or maybe due to a sacred statuette brought from Africa), the film is broadcast on all the tv sets of the building instead of the sunday football match.
  2. A cunning young man manages to have some fun with his friend’s bold fiancée.
  3. A mad scientist has created a new type oflaser beam. On the request of the ice-cream vendor, who is head over heels in love with a TV announcer (speakerine in French), He causes her to disappear in the middle of a programme and to reappear in his own l