Dutch Treat (1977)

Director: Kemal Horulu, Thomas Van der Feer (as Navred Reef)
Studio: Alpha Blue Archives

Starring: Roger Caine, Zebedy Colt, Lucy Duval, Christy Kluiver, Carrah Major-Minor

Description: Two horny American losers, Chuck (Roger Caine) and Barney (Zebedy Colt), find themselves in Amsterdam’s “Red-light” district where, after losing all their money, our hapless heroes pretend to be Hollywood hot-shots so they can sleep with the most beautiful Dutch wannabe actresses for free. And believe me, Chuck and Barney get laid – a lot. Our boys get their comeuppance in the final reel: For their deceitful charade they’re sent back to the U.S. stuffed into a card-board box alive and well, though no wiser.

Alternative Title:
Poel der Ontucht