Heute (1970)

This is Ernst Hofbauer’s, the man behind the Schulmädchen-Report series, first “report” movie. It takes a look at the life of German prostitutes.

This is a must see for Hofbauer fans, it has loads of nudity and plenty of sleaze. I would love to see this get an English friendly DVD release.

Director: Ernst Hofbauer

Ursula Heyer
Claudia Gerstäcker
Marlene Rahn
Manfred Spiess

I couldn’t find any info in English and very little in German. A couple of short reviews, one Google translated from German:

Vienna, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne, Worms. Bremen, Dusseldorf. The entertainment district will be presented, interviewed prostitutes. Some examples are traced “careers”. In Hanover one anticompetitive prostitute is beaten. In St. Pauli in a Sadoshow (NECRONOMICON-like) a woman is whipped and tortured with a knife. There are several small S / M numbers followed by interviews. MA: In the junkyard finds the bloody corpse of a girl. Investigations result in a pimp as a murderer. The mock case shows the fate of the girl who is kicked to death in agony. In Berlin, a nude model is stabbed by a psychopath. PROSTITUTION HEUTE is a German-sleazy exploitation at its finest.