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Sünde, Sex und scharfe Katzen (1980)

Filmed in the Algarve, Portugal, this movie looks like a relaxed holiday report. Most of the sex scenes take place outdoors and there’s much time left to show the viewer the beautiful landscape. Sex is rather tame and conventional but often two couples are involved. Females look quite average but Christine Black in the first scene is a real eyecatcher.

She plays Angie a British tourist who becomes acquainted with Ingo and Walter. Ingo is a contractor from Hamburg who is on holiday in Portugal. Spontaneously they make an appointment for a threesome in the dunes. Angie starts things off by sucking the two guys simultaneously. Unfortunately the scene is very short and only Walter unloads a weak load on her tits.

Later on Ingo phones his office. His two female employees are very busy but in their own way. His secretary Sylvia gets fucked from behind while she’s phoning. The other girl sucks a cock before she climbs up to ride her lover cowgirl style.

Glad to find everything alright, Ingo goes hunting again. In the marketplace he meets Kerstin, a good looking blonde. They decide to go to the beach to find a private place. She gives him a short blowjob before she moves up to ride him reverse cowgirl style. Then he gives her some missonary style before she jerks him off on her stomach.

When they return to the city they meet Walter accompanied by a girl. They climb up the rocky coast where the two couples have some ordinary sex with Walter spraying his huge load all over Kerstin’s stomach again.

Back in town, Vera, Ingo’s wife has arrived unexpectedly. At an indoor hotel pool they start making love. First he works her over with his tongue and she rewards him by working on his cock with her mouth. Then she does a ride and gives his cock a good stroke. When he finally ejaculates she finishes things up taking his pop in her mouth.

But unfortunately Vera finds out the truth about her husband. She’s really in despair. With tears in her eyes she sits in a chair and masturbates. To calm down she takes a shower. Suddenly the maid enters the bath to give her a towel. Vera kneels down and starts licking the maid.

Meanwhile Walter has met another girl. He fucks her doggie-style on the cliffs. In the end he covers her face with spunk.

In the last scene Ingo and Vera are brought together again. The movie finishes with some romantic outdoor action.

Alternate Titles
Inquietudine morbosa di una moglie Italy
Sexurlaub pur DVD available Mike Hunter DVD title