Brisas do Amor (1982)

An actress, a failed politician and a girl from the capital are staying in the same hotel in a small seaside town. The actress ends up raped by a man who was already chasing her. The politician, in love with a hotel maid, has to face his wife. The girl from the capital, pregnant, has to deal with the hotel owner’s son to enforce her rights. The story revolves around various conflicts among the characters, with doses of eroticism, spree and comedy, motivated by different forms of love.

Main Cast:
Sandra Graffi … Eliana
Eliana do Vale … Ester
Arthur Leivas … Zeca
Luiz Carlos Braga … Danilo
Maria Stella Splendore … Elza
Carlos Capeletti … Carlson
Célia Coutinho … Luci
Osmar do Amaral
Arnaldo Fernandes … Olavo
João Francisco Garcia
José Lucas … Atílio
Fernando Magalhães … Celso
Sonia Mamede … Lídia
Tadeu Menezes … Gustavo
Railda Nonato … Cida