Le avventure erotix di Cappuccetto Rosso (1993)

Without much credit from fans or historians, Luca Damiano cranked out superior XXX porn in the oddball sub-genre of “Adult Fairy Tales” with this movie, plus ALICE IN PORNLAND, THREE LITTLE PIGS and later his hit SNOW WHITE & SEVEN DWARFS.

What RED RIDING HOOD has is exaggeration and enough kinkiness to please the most jaded fan. Clocking in at a whopping 2-1/2 hours, it also presages the current “more is more” trend of over-produced videos.

Barbarella/Virna Anderson is miscast as the title character, but the film survives. She simply is way, way too fake looking in a role where ideally the “underage” teasing was the way to go. Her rock-hard breasts (makes Sybil Danning’s look natural), too puffy fake lips and Barbie Doll figure are strictly for fetishists.

Fortunately, she is not the primary sexual performer, more of a Little Annie Fanny (another role she could have played on screen) observing rather than doing. Instead her mother is played by U.S. import Chessie Moore, in probably her finest screen assignment. Very alluringly clothed in a low décolletage black negligee, she masturbates with a huge dildo and then has a sex scene with two workmen that Damiano wisely spreads (via inter-cutting) over many, many reels into the film as its centerpiece. Chessie does her famed legs-behind-her-head contortionist position and delivers two varieties of double-penetration.

Not to be outdone, Karin Schubert as Red’s nanny has sex with a young guy in a hot scene, later hiding locked in the closet as he has his way (finally) with Red.

Contrasting with the huge breasts of the stars, petite Carole Nash is refreshing in a tavern gang-bang where she’s working as a waitress.

Red on her travels encounters a Mad Hatter figure (he looks left over from Damiano’s ALICE movie), and the picture veers into nonsense filler when she follows a Black dwarf into a hidden cottage for another orgy. Ron Jeremy is guest star alongside the dwarf (take your pick, fans) as the unappetizing duo take on two beauties in mix or match XXX fashion, including the lovely Black actress Persia/Venus, yet another American import. Red just watches, masturbating, during this lengthy diversion.

Punctuating the action is a considerable amount of crude animation & drawings, which fit well with the cast’s pulling faces and overacting. Luca’s trademark first-person shots of a penis entering a cavity are overdone. 35mm photography is a big plus, and the hokey/catchy theme music kinda grows on you.

With Russian VO unfortunately, but the best video quality I’ve come across so far.

Alternate Titles
Caperucita Roja Spain
The Erotic Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood
Le Petit chaperon rose Nos. 1 and 2