Mädchen nach Mitternacht (1978)

Written by: Erwin C. Dietrich

Cast: Mabel Escaño, José Miguel García, José Llamas, Concha Montes, Diego Porta, Lina Romay

Description:  Swiss exploitation master Erwin C. Dietrich himself directs this sex-epic tailored to seamlessly fit into the Schoolgirl Report brand of sleaze with the help of Jess Franco. Definitely one to watch with the window shades down and the rubber gloves on.

About This Release: The English version of the film was cut to 70 minutes.  The German version was 75 minutes and a good copy just became available.  The 2 minute opening title sequence was cut for the English version as well as some female masterbation which, I guess, was deemed too graphic for an English audience.  The title sequence alone is worth the download. Since there was no dialog in the cut scenes, I dubbed the rest into English.