Les bachelières en chaleur (1982)

Director: Jean Luret (as John Blackley)
Studio: Cinemadis, Alcove Video

Starring: Richard Darbois, Martine Grimaud, Cyril Val, Richard Allan, Claudine Beccarie, Sylvia Bourdon, Elisabeth Bure, Nadia Day, Marlene Myller, Carmelo Petix, Carole Pierac, Manu Pluton, Madou Sall, Charlie Schreiner, Pamela Stanford
Description: Martine is really impossible!
A little Nymphomaniac and very exhibitionist, she always leads me into orgies more and more special… As soon as I get rid of it, my friend Alain takes over and takes care of my hobbies: he also likes parties…

Alternate Titles
Bachelières en folie Pin Up video release title with additional scene; so probably the 66 mins. that is the time of the Italian video
Bouches expertes There may be confusion here as a version of the original Bouches expertes exists with the inserted title Bachelières en chaleur and Cinémadis inserted as the production company.
Jouisseuse et perverse
Orgasmi deliranti Dir. given as John Blackley (Jean Luret)
Sex Academy Metal’X video
Director:Jean Luret as John Blackley
Notes:Cinémadis / Alcove Video, 62 mins. originally, re-edited archive footage from various titles