Josefine Mutzenbacher – Wie sie wirklich war 2. Teil (1976)

Alternate Titles
Call Of Nature  Italy, Désirs inavouables de Joséphine Dir. falsely credited to Hans Billian France, VHS Coll. Prestige Exhibitions, vol. 3, Josefine la viziosa Italy, Josefine Mutzenbacher – Mein Leben für die Liebe, Professional Janine 1986 USA, Vicieuse, experte, sensuelle France

Males –

  • Siggi Buchner
  • Dolfi Kauer plays the old man at barrel organ
  • Jony Soster plays the old man in the woods
  • Erwin Neuhauser plays a musician at the orgy
  • Anderl Bäuerl plays a musician at the orgy
  • Harry Miller plays a musician at the orgy
  • Sascha Atzenbeck plays the butcher’s assistant
  • Hans-Peter Kremser plays Hungarian hussar officer (fake moustache)
  • man in first scene
  • two men at eating house
  • client in top hat
  • old man at coffee house
  • waiter at coffee house
  • Josefine’s client at coffee house
  • bearded client
  • 2nd cavalry officer (bearded)
  • 3rd cavalry officer
  • the accordionist
  • three men in brothel

An old man at barrel organ, between swigs from a bottle, narrates and links the episodes.

1. Josefine in bed with a man and a busty brunette (XNK0594).

2. Josefine walks in the park and picks up a client – an old man who gets her to wank him off. They are interrupted by a policeman. Josefine persuades him to let her off and they fuck against a tree. She strolls on and is picked up by Siggi Buchner in his horse-drawn carriage.

After having sex in his bed, Josefine becomes his kept woman and they go to an eating house along with Karine Gambier. They are welcomed by a fat, redheaded wasitress (XNK0595). A band with accordion and violins is playing – a recurring event in the film. Josefine and Siggi sit down next to a man with Karine opposite, also next to a man. The men on either side of Josefine grope her and she masturbates them. Suspicious, Karine looks under the table and decides to go one better by giving a blow job to the man next to her. Josefine goes out side and is accosted by a man in a top hat who becomes another client, briefly. Back inside an orgy develops with Josefine and Karine taking on the male customers present as the band plays on, and then the waitress gets her share too. Back home to bed with Siggi.

Karine appears to be staying in the same house and Siggi seems to be a butcher. He gets his male assistant to bring breakfast sausages around for the girls, but it’s his personal sausage that interest them most and they seduce him. They are discovered in the act by Siggi and kicked out. Karine then disappears from the film.

3. Josefine then goes to a coffee house which is a pick-up place. this is established before she enters as a brunette (XNK0596) gives the eye to an old gentleman, fiddles with her stockings and they walk out together. Josefine gets a glare from a blonde (XNK0597) as she steals her mark away from her. They go to his rooms, where they are admitted by a maid (XNK0598). There another man waits. Josefine strips and teases them and takes them both on, peeing into a chamber pot as well.

4. Returning to the coffee shop, she is accused of stealing some jewels and is blackmailed into sex by the waiter. She is rescued by a cavalry officer who offers to take her to Hungary. She agrees and goes off with him to his farm in Hungarian Puszta. They have sex on horseback and spot a farmgirl (XNK0599) by a haystack. The officer shows his stamina by tumbling her in the hay while Josefine watches.

Back at the farm two other cavalry officers have arrived. A wench (XNK0600) serves them all drinks while an accordionist plays. Then the wench goes off into the barn with the accordionist and one of the officers takes Josefine into the barn to peep. The accordionist plays on while being ridden by the girl and Josefine is taken from behind by the officer while they watch. then Josefine goes back outside and the officer is sucked off through a hole in a partition by the serving girl. Then the girlfriends of the other cavalry officers arrive (one of XNK0601 and XNK0602 and possibly Jane Iwanoff). All go for a ride – the officers on their horses and the girls in a carriage. Josefine and her officer repeat their on-horseback tricks and theothers have to emulate them.

Later they all go to a tavern and the band is playing again. Josefine picks up a coin stuck between the planks of a table without using her hands, teeth or feet. One of the other girls also manages this trick, but the third girl fails. then the officers have a wanking competition as the girls wiggle their naked behinds at them. sex follows on the tavern tables. Then the accordionist’s girlfriend (XNK0603) turns up and one of the officer’s persuades the accordionist to let him have sex with her.

5. Josefine returns from her country holiday and goes back to the coffee house, which now seems to have upgraded its facilities with a backroom for orgies. She goes in and observes proceedings for a while before joining in. A scantily-clad brunette (XNK0604) very similar in looks to Josefine’s young cousin in Die Beichte der Josefine Mutzenbacjer) is serving drinks to the participants including an older brunette (XNK0607) with two men. Meanwhile, on another bed, two women (XNK0605 and XNK0606) are attending to one man. One of them masturbates him into a glass and drinks from it (XNK0606). Josefine strips, attracts two men to her, one of whom cums inside her, and then she gets up and announces the end of the film.