Holnap lesz fácán (1974)

This movie is a great sarcastic satire about dictatorial systems and the proliferation of bureaucracy, with lots of naked babes.

The story in brief :  The film takes place on an uninhabited island. A married couple wanted to retreat here, into the intimacy of silence and solitude. The island is however soon discovered and gradually flooded by campers, who freely enjoy naturist “mass” camping. One of the beer-bellied campers however seizes power, and establishes tyranny on the island with the help of his minions. They move the people who just want to be on holiday as puppets, they appoint officers and encourage public work, develop cultural programmes and organise collective bonfires, etc. The happy tourists soon become a crowd working, celebrating, cheering and clapping as the tyrant wishes. The exploited crowd however rebels and chaos prevails and anarchy overcomes everything.

About the movie :  During the 1960s and 1970s, Hungarian communist party leaders encouraged artists, including film directors, to freely depict social anomalies and controversies in the form of curved mirrors. But when killing humour did hit its target, censors could not stand it. Although the movie was financed and allowed to be made by the authorities, it was subsequently banned for years.
Nudity and the grand naturist beaches of the youth are symbolic and appear as some sort of a “hippie” rebellion in this ironic and very revealing story.