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Le lys de mer (1971)

Director: Renzo Cerrato
Cast: Bruno Alias, Carole André, Luigi Barbini, Kiki Caron, Giustino Durano, Angelo Infanti, Tiberio Murgia, Marisa Solinas, Renato Terra, Pietro Tordi, Claudio Trionfi

A young girl witnesses a violent and ultimately fatal act between her mother and another man and is emotionally scared for years to come. As a young woman, she takes a vacation with a more worldly girlfriend to Sardinia and attracts a young man in the village. Despite her interest in the man her haunted past prevents her from developing a normal relationship with him…AKA Violentata sulla sabbia.


“I very much enjoyed “Violentata sulla Sabia” for many reasons. Carole Andre is very appealing in the lead role. The three lead characters are often seen in nothing but their bathing suits but the film is never exploitive. The on-location photography and rustic scenery are quaint and appealing. The music score by Gianfranco Plenizio (who also scored the same year’s “The Cat in Heat”) is very beautiful with cool wordless female vocals on the soundtrack that beg for a CD release.