Natali (1981)

Alternate Titles
Adorable et perverse Nathalie France, softcore
Perverse et sensuelle Nathalie France, softcore

A greek Island. On her 20th birthday, Nathalie (Petri), daughter to a wealthy man and living in a sumptuous villa with swimming pool (and room for a pony) near the beach, masturbates whilst taking a shower and she remembers some pleasant moments of sex with her older friend Stanley.

When he arrives, he’s accompanied by Jenny (Teutscher), so she is a bit anxious. Stan is a loser but a playboy who wants to find money to finance an erotic movie, where Jenny will play a part. Of course these two are lovers too. The wicked husband of Jenny is staying nearby at a hotel and he pushes Jenny to provide him with money; so Stan and Jenny want to persuade Nathalie’s father to finance the movie.

Stanley meets Stella, a well known actress (Di Giorgi), while Nathalie gets to know the shy Dimitri (Cutini), and they eventually will fall in love, but not before Jenny and her husband do all sorts of bad things, like beating Nathalie up.

Also there are some lesbian scenes with Stella and Jenny. There is also the story of Nathalie who has been kidnapped a while ago, which turned out to have been Jenny’s idea. Jenny flees to Turkey and finally Dimitri and Nathalie will stay happy together for ever.

The movie is shot in bright colours with a ‘soft’ lens, like a soft porn David Hamilton or Hubert Frank style, but there also exists a hardcore version (which I lost a few years ago). There are plenty of sex scenes, mostly with Stanley and Nathalie, but also Jenny and Stella get their part. Mostly man-woman scenes (blowjob – fucking).

Director:Elia Milonakos
Notes:soft version, West Germany, Cannon label, 85 mins, hard version exists

Grazia de Giorgi plays Stella
Marcella Petrelli as Marcella Petri, plays Nathalie
Pauline Teutscher plays Jenny