Sahara (1998)

Director: Joe D’Amato
Studio: In-X-Cess Productions, Rabbit Video

Starring: Dina Pearl, John Walton, Frank Gun, Blondy, Reka Gabor, Selen, Zenza Raggi
Description: From the hidden dangers of African jungles to sensuous dunes of the Sahara, Queen of the Elephants continues its quest for passion. Sensual and exciting, sweet yet aggressive, charming Italian porn star Selen leads us on an adventure for her wanting of the taste of human passion. Her want for pleasure increases as her experiences with females and males grows within her. World renown Joe D’Amato will take you on a trip to the most ambitious, adult feature ever produced. Shot on location throughout the mysterious continent of Africa, with authentic animals, true natives and the most awesome scenery ever shot. Her is a feature for the adult viewer who wants excitement and adventure with their sex!


  • Fièvres DVD Blue One
  • Queen of Elephants 2: Sahara DVD In-X-Cess
  • Sahara – Eine Fata Morgana wird wahr full Goldlight title
Actors: Blondye / Dina Pearl / Selen