Cocktail spécial (1978)

Synopsis, translated from the original French VHS sleeves of 1982, released by Movie’s and Proserpine Editions –

Eugenie, a pretty young mulatto, can no longer endure the solitude of her father’s mansion.
Her solitary games, however ardently she indulges in them, only bring her more dissatisfaction than pleasure.
An invitation from Martine, an erotic novelist, to spend a weekend at her place, is hard to resist.
Martine must first obtain permission from Eugenie’s father. This is easily done since they are both already in a masochistic relationship.
Eugenie is welcomed into Martine’s house by a couple of servants who will then initiate her into their big party.
Anna, the black maid, prepares the ‘’special cocktail”, a powerful aphrodisiac that everyone imbibes with delight: Eugenie, Martine, Carlos, Sandra, Zephiratos, Christiane and the others… and so the party begins!
It will see out the whole weekend.

What was originally planned as a weekend quickie, this project has ultimately taken three of us just over three months of searching, collecting, studying and editing, to reconstruct what might have been the original French theatrical cut of Jess Franco’s ‘Cocktail Spécial’, the version that was premiered in Paris, July 5, 1978, and ran for just two weeks in five theatres. According to Christophe Bier’s definitive ’Dictionnaire Des Films Francais Pornographiques Erotiques De Longs Metrages 16 Et 35 Mm’, the theatrical version had a running time of 75 minutes, and we have managed to pad our version out to 72:36 minutes. So until the original elements are located, restored and released properly on home media (highly unlikely), this is likely as good a presentation as you’ll ever see.

Alternate Titles
Feuchte Lippen Videorama release of Beate Uhse version, 71 mins. (Both company names appear.)
Fuktisa Läppar title on Swedish subtitles on Videorma release
Oral total West Germany, Beate Uhse, 70 mins. (may not be original title of their release)
Sex Cocktail USA