Storie scellerate (1973)

Director: Sergio Citti
Studio: Produzioni Europee Associate, Les Productions Artistes Associes

Starring: Ninetto Davoli, Franco Citti, Nicoletta Machiavelli, Gianni Rizzo, Sebastiano Soldati, Silvano Gatti, Enzo Petriglia, Elisabetta Genovese, Ennio Panosetti, Roberto Simmi, Giacomo Rizzo, Oscar Fochetti

Description: In 1850 Rome, two imprisoned young murderers–Bernardino and Mammone–await their execution, passing their last hours telling each other stories of lust and castration. The first involves a duke and a clergyman castrating themselves while the lusty duchess and a lusty country girl are left alone. The second is about a Calabrese shepherd who leads his unfaithful wife to eat her lover’s testicles, thinking they’re from cattle. The third deals with the castration of a priest by the young man after whom he was lusting. The last story is about a different sort of menage-a-trois.

Alternative Title:
Bawdy Tales
Histoires scélérates