Die Sklavinnen (1977)

This title has been extremely rare worldwide and is one of the most highly sought movies!

After a woman has been found by the police she desperately tells her story of being kidnapped, drugged and tortured by Princess Arminda (Lina Romay). For years the police have been trying to shut down Arminda’s sex palace called The Pagoda, but have been unable to get close enough due to her having friends in high places. Now they have found the woman who will help put Arminda away for years.

Another rare Jess Franco’s title on dvd presented in its Uncut Anamorphic Widescreen Version with English subtitles, you cannot go wrong with this rare title!

Pamela Stanford has a habit of going to bars, picking up men, taking them home & having them fuck her sister Karine Gambier, who she keeps chained & locked up in a cage. On the next day, the men invariably wake up in their cars, not knowing if the whole thing was real at all, & Gambier is told by her sister it didn’t happen at all.

The family doctor, Jack Taylor, seems to think she suffers from nymphomania rapidly developing into paranoid schizophrenia (!).

But why would sister Stanford do such a thing ? You know, her younger sister would inherit a vast family fortune at age 21, unless of course she is found dead or insane first … & Gambier’s 21st birthday is approaching rapidly. So, in the night before Gambier turns 21, Stanford succeeds in having Eric Falk fuck her, & if that wasn’t bad enough, faking his own death during the act. & if that doesn’t drive our chained & caged Gambier over the edge, the reappearing corpse of Falk in the most unlikely places will, & if that still doesn’t work, why not have our presumed dead Falk rape her ?

It would work, too, if it wasn’t for a former bedfellow of Karine Gambier who had actually fallen in love with her & frees her from both her cage & her illusions of being mad. The pair of them are forcing Stanford to leave, who, put out on the streets, must learn that doctor Jack Taylor – actually an actor who was in on the whole deal from the beginning –  is not the least interested in her without the money.

Alternate Titles
Swedish Nympho Slaves
Der Verschlepptern