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Les Rendez-vous de Sylvia (1989)

Love and jealousy create very often suspicion. But some can do worse to totally and exclusively possess the ones they care for.

Alternate Titles
Lo Stupro di Silvia

One woman is uncredited and there are two extras – a blonde (we see only the back of her head) and a middle-aged man – in the counseller’s office.

Marie Noelly is married to Rocco. In bed one night he is too tired to make love to her – until she goes out and returns in a red wig and sexy tights.

Next day he goes off about his business and she sees an advert for a parapsychologist in a magazine. While she goes off to consult him, Rocco sees two women at a café (Melodie Kiss and XNK0654) and fantasises about having anal sex with them. then he goes over to chat them up and gets off with Melodie Kiss. Later we see the two women together, Melodie using a strap-on dildo on her friend.

The parapsychologist (Philippe Soine) hypnotises Marie and has his way with her.

Meanwhile Rocco runs out of petrol on his way to see a counsellor of his own (XNK0655) – he fantasizes about having sex with her. Then it seems he is about to have his dream come true, but she emerges from behind a screen dressed as a dominatrix to confront him as he kneels naked on the floor in front of her desk and eh flees with his clothes into a toilet to get dressed. While inside the cubicle, two girls (Charlotte Stéphie and XNK0656) come in and compare their underwear. He reveals himself and has both of them.

On his way home, he is picked up at this stranded car by Laura Valérie who takes him to her home home to have her way with him. Husband Alain L’Yle watches from the next room, door ajar, masturbating then joins in for a DP. Rocco breaks away in disgust and goes home.

All this time Philippe Soine is having sex with marie in various positions and with her in various outfits.

Finally Marie comes home to find Rocco in bed and they have sex.