The Pink Lagoon: A Sex Romp in Paradise (1984)

Cast: Ginger Lynn,Stacey Donovan,Lois Ayres,Raven,Roxanne Rollan,Ron Jeremy,Crystal Breeze

This is one of the better porn films of it’s time, & holds up quite well today. the women are attractive, & the scenery is gorgeous. and the various scenes of fornication are set in exotic locales that further heighten your viewing pleasure.

the story concerns a group of models/actresses who arrive at a picturesque tropical island with a camera crew, for some shooting. exploring the island, they come (no pun intended) across some caveman-like natives (including Ron Jeremy), who initially seem aggressive in their demands for sex, but gradually become friendlier when they see that the girls are mostly willing to take them on. pretty soon, everyone’s having a damn good time, including the viewer.

if you like a bit of story & humor with your erotica, this one’s for you